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Tuesday, December 7

New Paradigm. 1432 AH

On the morning of the new year, I prefer to wear more decent & not too layered, as is customary. As usual also, in the new year my family and I celebrated with a simple but full of blessings. (I feel the time passed quickly.: ().

Travel day:
Morning: Cleanse aroud the houses, such as sweeping the floor, and then eat breakfast.
Lunch: Before going out with friends, I have to cook it first. Hahha (Please, please be nice: D)
Afternoon: Yeay .. walk out (my favorite). Proposes to buy a scarf for my sister’s wedding but KL was very jam & I decided to go elsewhere. Yeay it is it? TRIFTED STORE!. (My favorite). As a result, I bought 3 types of clothing that I have been looking for all this time, can’t wait to wear it again. Grrr ~!
Night: Too tired. Watch TV while folding clothes stacked. Dinner. Look at the TV again. Bla bla blllaaa. Drowsiness. Sleeping.
Sleeping: Dreaming (What the … I really do not like it .* 0 *.)

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