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Monday, February 7

Are you Happy enough??

I was following "Sofia's Jurnal" after she's write-up about a truely 'The Ugly Side of Blogging'. She was made an amazing her own assignments after 8 months her blogging & she was analysis & look what is exactly going on when we involved in this world, I mean blogsphere. It just so adorable & amazing blog had I ever read. 

And back to the chart. Also from her blog that I stoled. (I think she doesn't mind I stoled it ;p). That is simply chart was drawn in our life. From this chart that look so simple. BUT that is not really simple as a drawn. Sometimes our life will going down & going up. So, it decide to us what is THAT things that can make you happy. DO SOMETHING!!. Blogging maybe, without hesitate other blogger of course, OR make a drawing like this sweet blogger/fashion-street Nancy that will make people impress you, who know your talent is!! OR maybe joining other community blog like Lookbook & Chictopia for those who have interest towards fashion blog that will make you connect with other person who have a same interest with you. 

This is what i did to make my life happy besides my family.



Anonymous said...

This picture just told me to change something. Only don't know what. Any ideas? Haha, cute blog. xx

Fariza Othman said...

Maike: I also start to search what exactly I need to be 'change something' is. Life maybe. diversifying hobbies, make you parents proud with you, OR socialize, searching friend who have same interest with you.. ;)