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Wednesday, February 9

The Fashion Streetstyle Icon Preference.

Bold & Beauty

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”- Oscar Wilde quotes

 Preppy Girl
 (Sources: Chictopia)

I was been following this kind-hearted of this lady who came from Romania through Chictopia.She such adorable & humble person in every feedback she was commenting & voting in that community. She is so sweet & pretty ladies in every outfits she wearing. I do love detailing. The most completed for each style she styled are played with an accessories. I wonder she had a lot of vintage brooch, necklace & rings. I'm so adore what she have. Besides of that too, I'm so crazy how discipline she is. She looks so much preppy like high school girls studying in conglomerate school. I always KEEP LOOKING at her style.

Warmth Vintage Lady
 (Sources: Fanny Treehouse & Chictopia)

This is one of my favorites style icon at Chictopia. She's so adorable with her amazing beautiful vintage craziness. I don't know, she just insane perfect with all warmth vintage looks. All of the putfits she styled just prefect & suit on her. That was impressed me. This is actually showed our own personality. She never going wrong cause the personality was showed throung her style. Just fixed it. And flat is her identity. So lovely. The wonder I look at every style that she have, she like actress Julia Roberts. YES!!. She is look-alike. It is why i like her like I adore Julia Roberts?? OMG. This is coinsidence. I just fallin' in love with her!!. ;p

Classic Modern Vibe

Another clasical modern style icon at Chictopia is Diya. She from Texas, USA. I love with her style she is queen of luxurious classical look. So adorable. What i love to inspired she is because her face too. She so cute with her chinese japan mixed. Is that adorable?. She love playing with accessories & detailing. Furthermore, she so brilliants to choice the garments to mix & match to be all matching with her. I wonder from her style, she love wearing blazer & layered. So beautiful. She also never going wrong. I just crushed on her style. AMAZING!! ;p

Islamic Modern Contemporary
(Sources: Chictopia)

(This is my fashion idol. OMG!!* even i never met her yet. Sigh). Her the beautiful lady, Hana Tajima Simpson. Who did not know her. She just amazing fashion designer from London, UK. I adore with every style she have. From top to toe. She brilliant. The hijabs she style will going crazy to girl out there inculding me. Sigh, She just beautiful admiring. Who never jealous & excited on her. Sigh!!. Hana Tajima. I adore you ok. FULLSTOP!!


All of 4 iconic ladies i select today based on their own personal style that was inspired me. They are have an own style as you can see all of the picture selected. based on that, they also inspired other people n become a fashion stylish for every new fashion style. This is ridiculious amazing icon.

Keep inspiring people.


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