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Tuesday, February 22

She Got Her Style.

Black Holes and Revelations: Sandra (The Hearabouts)

(Sources: Lookbook)
What she was wearing:
Oasis galaxy print maxi dress from Oasis in Dresses, Black boot from Next, Hoodie from Fishbone, Jackets from Pimkie, gloves from Zara, & Bag in thrifted.

I was cought my eyes towards the this wonderful printed dress have ever I see. I really really so impressed with that so crazy & start to ask myself "why don't you brought this dress & you know what that is fierce awesome beautiful dress!!". So I looked the place she just brought but unfortunately those dresses was unavailabe yet. But I'll found it cause that was gonna be my wishlist for 2011. Yes. of course la, buat baju raya. hahah. I'm the person who addicted with skirt. Arrghh. so ridiculous. You know what "you just waste you money ok!!!. opppsss. ok. (I'm asking myself)

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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Brenda said...

I love it!

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