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Tuesday, March 15

post revolution look

Inspiration 80's
By FrouFrouu
She wearing hat from H&M, coat from vintage, hood from Verdel, boots from vintage & trousers from vintage.

She wearing cord dungarees from vintage, Beacon's Closet, sweater from vintage, coat from vintage & hat from vintage.

 She wearing jacket from Alpinestars by Denise Focil, nightdress worn as skirt from vintage, sweater from vintage, hat from vintage & boots from vintage.

The three (3) of above picture are she's recently updated style look as you can directly keep following her at amazing blog FrouFrouu. She was caught my eyes to looked her style at lookbook at the first. You can see all her style at her site at lookbook HERE!! 

'Post Revolutionary Looks'
First of all i was determined her style into post revolutionary look. That was make me so adore her. Maybe she was love to play with vintage hat. Furthermore, I do love the detail , color combination, texture, layering & everything on her every garments.The choice of each garments so succeed until make her so flowless look regarding that time.


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Špela said...

she is amazing
nice blog

come by and maybe follow back!