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Tuesday, March 1

She Got Her Style.

Lydia Deetz & Palm Treez: Jean Greige

 (Sources: Chictopia & Jean Greige) 
What she wearing; black leather motocycle catherine malandrino jacket, black crochet vintage top & blck Forever 21 skirt.    
Recently i was fallin' in love with her style. The casual style for everyday was really fashionable to wear for fall in 2011. Her's look in what she have on chictopia was caught my eyes big opened. I'm so impressed with her style. What it is called "I was fallin' in love with her. Oh my goddness!!".This goth-y look look her so rock-on besides of her white hair make her look too fierce awesome. The layering covered between black leather jacket & crochet vintage top is so extraordinary amazing rock-on.
 (Sources: Chictopia & Jean Greige)
 By the way, one more thing about her style, she is queen of accessories. The silver of bracelets, rings & vintage necklace so adorable. 

What do you think about her style. So well impressed or inspired? So do I!!

Happy wonderful Wednesday.



Madeline said...

Aw thanks! This is so nice!

KANI said...

those rings she is wearing are brilliant!