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Tuesday, March 8

Street Palette

All the picture above a took from my favorites website; by the photographer Tommy Ton. This is what i never missed every shoot he was made during the craziness moments on fashion weeks. The picture he was took just amazing. My favorites picture is forth picture from top which had 2 beautiful leg with black tight & heel. I'm so impressed with the pink one. Beautiful texture of printed. 

From the all above situation. I wish i can go joining there too. They're so fabulous with their one style. I wish i can dress-up like them. uuuu~!



Nonszalancka said...

amazing blog!!! :) what do you think about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

Fashiable said...

Great inspiration!!

SH said...

These are great pictures. Would love if you visit my blog

Please follow me if you like.

Merci, SH

Fariza Othman said...

Nonszalancka: Thank you so much for commenting. For me, about following with each other in the world of blogs is something interesting for us to mutually share our interest & so forth. But it must happen if we each follow each other. rigt?. By telling the bloggers that we follow, but if the opposite occurs because ultimately we are disappointed by our bloggers are not in the back as expected. I do not like to be bound by it and eventually disappoint me.

Chic in Every City said...

great photos - I especially love the heels and socks!
the world is obviously ready for spring!!