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Tuesday, April 26

Missed My Bestfriend

Entry untuk tengahari ini agak emotional cause I was a bit missed my bestfriends since belajar dulu. Sekarang  dah berkerjaya & seorang lagi dah berfamily & sooner will get a baby in her life. Saya tumpang gembira. So excited to see her first baby. Mesti ade yang tanya. Nape xjumpe je?. Well, banyak sangat kekangan cam sorang kat Ipoh, sorang kat Langat, saya plak duk Klang. Aloo, Klang & Langat jauh sangat ke?.Haha Ask her, what it so diffcuilt to arrage a some of date?.Buuu!. hehehee. A lot of story to share, to laugh together cam dulu2, nangis hohooo, makan banyak2 pastu tak abis men uzom-uzom, kalah die yang abis kan. Ohh. I really missed them both. Wish could get them by today.Haha.

The behind of 'missed' tragedy is all about after I keep reblog those piccas on tumblr. They was caught my eyes on of all of this. (See below!!)

Credit to all lovely piccas from tumblr.



LaiLa said...

Beautiful photos!

SHM said...

huhu..igt jgak kat mmbr2 kat jb 2 yg da x jmpe 5 bln(bru 5 bulan)..
tp rse mcm da lme da..

Fariza Othman said...

SHM: hahaa.kelakar jawe ek awakk.!!