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Thursday, June 16

A Bag Pack Holiday. Help Help!!

Langkawi Time Need To Schedule!!

I pretty excited [actually nervious excited!!] cause next week I'll going Langkawi for work. Or bahasa berlagak die 'outstation'. Hahaa. That including a bag pack holiday in one day after subtract the so on and so fault. So, here I need your favor for help me to make my schedule trip since this is my first trip to Langkawi. I'm really exhausted to make my own list place-must-to-go. For those had already visited Langkawi or orang Langkawi is much better. I need your favor. Serious ni!!

The reason of all of this;

1) I'm actually really don't like make a trip without planning. So here I go. I don't ever know when can I had this opportunities again for future. Sigh!!. I hate to missed something.

2) Why one day?!. I only have one day and this is my oppurtunities since got a task to go Langkawi for a work. OMG, I just love my work!!.

3) I'll driving my myself. And I don't want to lose a direction. I know Langkawi just small island but I don't want sesat sesat!! Masa itu emas =P

The priority of the place must-to-go need to concern about the time & reasonable place. Tak payah lah spa-spa. Gamaknya la nak bercuti!!.hahaa. Thats must taking into account. 

You participation in this favor is much appreciated. Whose know maybe you'll get something from me!!




myra faez said...

alololo cian nye dyer..hehhehe..xsusah nak g sndiri ..but kena nek feri jugak kan..actually i pnh g sekali ja..masa pktikal..x susah...nek feri..smpai lgkawi..pastu juz sewa trmsport..akt situ mmg bnyk sesgt la..x kan sesat punya..x pun i ade sorg uncle yg bawak student jalan2 kat situ..mcm dipggil prebet sapu la..hhahaha..dyer ade chalet.. n nk kate anak jati lgkawi la..hehhehe..cukup x penjelsan ney..ahhaha nak cakap bnyk nnty org len nk komen x leh plak..heheh ^_^

Fariza Othman said...

@myra faez: thank you thank you. tapi ade x nak recomend tempat2 yg best. I need that.

risa said...

alololo comelnye kucing..tu

Fariza Othman said...

@risa: Please i begging you!! hahaa

CikHanis said...

anyonyonyo!beshnye kakkkkkkk :)g kemaman tengok pantai je.langkawi abiskan duittttttttttt.lg beshhhhh!haha.toblerone 1 bundle plishhhhhhhhhhhh!pos ekspress ye :)

Fariza Othman said...

@CikHanis.OO tablerone ek. nnt sy bg k.haha

cpahniza said...

comel kucing tuu..hehe