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Sunday, June 26

Langkawi Time: Bird Paradise

Talk To The Birds.

Another chance to talk to birds?. Nope, I don't have that chance. Sigh. Bad to talk in this morning. This is my another place that I need to visit in trip to Langkawi Island.


The sun is going faster to go down and me running of time. I only had a chance to see a talk by myself with there only with this white yellowish-burung kakak tua-ready-to-go-home.

"Can we will see another time, can we?. Please!!"
"Yeay, you can, you can, you can!!"



Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

birds! i love birds.. HAHHAHAHA

Fariza Othman said...

@Mohd Khairi Khadzir:kalau dah berak atas kepala?. I hate birds!!!hahaaa