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Wednesday, June 15

The New Step


If I'm bored, I will renovate whatever I have.
If I'm bored, I will change everything in front of me.
If I'm bored, I will cleaned up my room until I satisfied.
If I'm bored, I will take a picture a lot as I can even I know I'll not used it.
I was really bored, & I change my blog with new layout!!


Do you relized it a something new happen on my blog?!. This is when I bored. What is in front of me I will change everything.

Actually I on the way to upgrade my blog for one of a new step to my first anniversary since 10 month blogging. Other then that, I was planned to do a giveaway for my upcoming anniversary and I'm on work it out for that. Besides of that, I also would like to open a new thoughtful bloglist for my blog. And I'm still work it out.

Till then,


p/s: What do you think of my new layout?


misscha said...

where's ur header? i love ur previous header...

Fariza Othman said...

misscha: Thank you for comment. I on working for my new layout. Kite tengok cmni. hehee

LaiLa said...

I love the photo on this entry, and your blog desing is very beautiful! :D Its something good to change things if your bored! :D

CikHanis said...

haha.nice kak!la cute miuttttttttttt!HAHA.matured sikit!dah nak kawen kan.hek3