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Thursday, June 16

[Poem] Jannah by Ammar Al Shukry

Press play. If you don’t..Well it’s your loss.

This is really good. Just close your eyes and imagine. Let his words circle your mind and let your imagination run wild. Feel the words as they are being spoken. Jannah.  [Maham]

Close you eyes & imagine this external bliss your every wish at your finger tips
& more perched on at home near at stream so serene & exquisite a scene you've never seen yet
you still dream of more

gone is pain
gone is fear
gone is grief
gone are tears

idle speech you shall never here
and the prophets make up your social sphere
and more

the martyrs righteous and the truthful your are from them 
and they are from you
they held tightly to what they know as true
& to join them 
you did too
there's more

maidens chaste who restrain their gaze lost in a glance for days & days
fun & frolic as a child plays where they breath that leaves
you lips is praise of the 1 who gave you more

Iiagine you & father..
imagine showing book with no shame
imagine night with the sahaba with their stories to entertain
imagine Muhammad SWT knowing your name 

what could be there more
garden underneath which rivers flow
a goal so far 
yet so close

a journey worth taking for those who know
tell me did you not wish to go for more 
for all bounties 
for all the grace 

all the sights and the smells and the tastes will be forgotten without a trace
as frozen in time and space
when you see His face

what an excellent master of a miserable slave
you forgot & He forgave
He gave you guidance and you still strayed 
you asked for mercy
that He gave
and more
and more
and more


p/s: Subhanallah. Thats really beautiful poem had ever I heard.


Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

eh akak!! dh tukar layout ek?huyoo..saya dh sminggu x online nih..hahahaha.. PINK siot...hehehehehe

Fariza Othman said...

@Mohd Khairi Khadzir: baru ladies. hahaa xbole bla.

LaiLa said...

You know? this is just like a gift! :) I saw it long ago in facebook and I wanted to watch it once more but I can't find it !:D
Thankx! :D