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Wednesday, July 6

Because of her, Gadis


Here the lunch entry. Have you're already take your lunch?What menu? Walawee, cause my menu is just potato puff fried with nescafe 'cold' which had been serve for my breakfest so I just carry forward the balance of it to my lunch plate. hahaa. Ok what jimat. Kata nak kawen!!.Ahakss.

Back to the story.

This is such perasan-tak-ingat post entry. I just to help my little online shop, Gadis Biasa doing they're sales. So, I with my co-model [lil sister] doing such a mini photoshoot. [Ayat such annoying!!haaa]. So, I just pretend to be a 'cute' gal wearing a black maxi dress with covered with thrifted un-buttoned denim shirt. Ni konon ala-ala Yuna yang ditokok tambah dengan Hana Tajima. [Arghh magrain!!].

 This is scary picture. Just wondering why I stare like that? uuuuu~!

Here the Gadis Biasa sales promotion which has been started for mid-year sales.The best promotion I think with less drop to 30% for each item. That included postage. So, take a look at they're site HERE!!.


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