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Tuesday, July 12

Because of that & this song..

 Just pretending to be a star Idol


This is absolutely funny when you start addicted to blogging BUT you don’t have a source of internet connection. That was happen to me. My day just like so cloudy lagi moody. Hahaa, seriously, I don’t really like that. Moody terkepompong. You got I mean. Really missed of blogging moments. So, if you’re in condition like me what will you’re do?. The spirit of blogging are depending on internet connection. Tak de sourcing tak de blogging ;(

While to mengubat duka lagi lara ni. I play & listen to songs berulang-ulang kali kat media player until hafal the turutan dia. Hahaa.

Talk about that & this songs was reminded me on this fact while driving [actually through of my observation]

  1. Because of that & this songs…you’re singing like star idol & sing along together with your favorites song while you’re driving lonely in narrow street. Lagi-lagi bila kuar lagu-lagu yang top2 boy band dulu2. Kompom melalak  bagai  pucuk di cipta. Ignore the left & right of you. Tapi bila ade orang lalu start to cover like you’re doing nothing innocent.
  2. Because of that & this songs…you’re screaming macam tak akan dengar lagu tu lagi when your favorite songs start to play and you arrive at your destination. This is mostly happen to me. Arghh geram sihh kalau dengar lagu tu bila die start to play in the end of the journey. Ada tu bole plak duduk sekejap dalam kete semata-mata nak dengar lagu sampai habis dulu baru kuar kete.
  3. Because of that & this songs…you’re singing & pretending to play the music instruments. Lagi-lagi gitar or drum. Siap ketuk-ketuk stering macam die la yang main.  
  4. Because of that & this songs…you’re start berkarok with your friends along together when realize you have a same favorites songs with her/him. Singing with full of confidents, lyrics hancur pun tak kesah. Hahha.
  5. Because of that & this Songs...  
Till then,


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