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Tuesday, July 26

The Most Memorable Interview.


At seventeen-years-old was remind me on this one interview between me & my english teacher. Every beginning of school open, mostly the teacher or cikgu would like play this common induction among a students. Basically, they're like to know the name, where live, siblings & ambition. Right?~~ But, the most I not really like is the question of 'your favorites'. Such ridiculous question. OMG~!. Isn't? Yes for me.

You know, in my primary until secondary school years. I really don't like English subject. Here.

That day, ok turn me to in an interview. So I just bla bla told my name & where I live an so on & so forth. I'm try to skipped the 'your favorites' question. Yess. I made it. Really? don't so satisfied so early. And suddenly she told me.

"And your favorites?"


What can I said. Suddenly, my neuron brain start pulling off & changed too fast then normal. And occurence of abnormal reaction.

"I don't like flower!?

I still remember that. All the eyes start staring me, pay attention on me, waiting my next reason of 'my stupid answer'. OMG~!. You know. To be the an attention in class is like uuuuu`kk. And my teacher also wonder why I don't like flower.

"Why?. You like rose?"

Ok, I no the bad situation.

So, I'm try to fixed it. But, my brain not on normal yet. So my  tongue so unpredictable & said.

"Not yet & I don't like roses~!". With arrogant.

Argghhh. And again I'm  in awkward moment.

uuuuuu~!. Help help. I think I am the student which taken almost 15 minutes in that induction interview. Such a new records. Imao~!. From that I had a big lesson. Think & think before to speak. Thank teacher. Your 'interview' mean to me a lot. And I still remember every words that you ask me.



Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

cikgu, nak coklat! hahaha

z a z a said...

saye suke rose!!