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Monday, July 4

Thing She loves: Envelope

For The Shape On Bag & Purse


Today is Tuesday. Hahaa. So, what do you have for Tuesday fest?. What de.. Ignore it*. Just merapu-merapan for starting mybe cz a flu~!. acooooo~!
Credit source from Madame Google.

Back to the story-mory, nowadays I just in love with envelope. This is all about envelope shape purse and bag. I just addicted to have one. Seriusly, I love the things that in simple, minimal & priceless, not priceless on others, I mean price LESS. Hahaa. I relize that is priceless is more with other things you love. ok, it is should to buy or maybe you should buy it.

So, I just spot this place you can to buy it. [Hahaa, suruh orang len beli plak].

With price MYR 50.00. Worth to buy.
Credit sources from Cala Qisya.

With price MYR 199.00
Credit source from Fashion Valet.

With price MYR 50.00*
(inclusive postage fees, delivery within Malaysia!!)
 Credit sources from I am Bag Lovers

So, are you fallin' in love enough?!. This is depend on your taste right. BTW, this is the places you can searchs other than that I dunno. Hikhikk.

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CikHanis said...

wah akak.sila belikan saya handbag itu.bye!

Fariza Othman said...