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Tuesday, August 2

Journey In Aging

Twenty-six years old. Within this time my life devoted only for my own life. After that time, this aging was means a lot to me in journey of my life. The journey in searching the own way life, the self-belong assets to have, the serious relationships with Allah s.w.t & man, the mature thought, & finally decision making. So here the prefect time for me to change everything what I done before. As long as there is an opportunity especially to parents.

In this Ramadan 1432 Hijrah the perfect time to do a change besides of difference environments & self personality. Be the important daughter in family to Abah & Mak is need biggest change to do. To make them proud in what they're have. Me as they's daughter. The daughter wanna be they's friends too.

 “A Daughter is a Little Girl who grows up to be a Friend”
I also pround to be they's daughter. Glad to have them too. I'm used to be daugther when they're need, be a driver & take them for a walk since I only a daughters can drive for them, be a pleasent daughter, willing to help in every time they are need & for sure, be a greatest daughter among sisters.

But before of those temporal things. If I had a lot of money the first thing I would like to do is to sending my parents to do the fifth Pillars of Islam; Pilgrimage. That's my ambitions since I realize what is the happiest thing in this world. InsyaAllah If I had a chance to do before is too late. I'll felt glad & pleasant if I can make them happy.
"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!" ~ Albert Einstein
InsyaAllah, the best thing is do'a to Him.



Etong said...

parents, a true reason to live :)

Fariza Othman said...

yup babeh ♥