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Monday, September 5

17 days to go

Assalamualaikum & Selamat Hari Raya.

Still on mode raya right. This is time for waiting an invitation of open house raya. Yeayy, everyone is absolutely excited to had an invition to eat. Off course for me too!!.

But today entry, I'm not talk about eat or open house la. I'm would like to share with you guys the day I'm waiting for a so long [hahhaaa!!]. Upcoming 17 days is my blog-niversary in simple date is on 22nd September. So with that, it would be a year I participate on blogging worlds. It so fast time running out. Felt like just yesterday I signing up but today and upcoming 17 days is gonna be a year. So unpredictable yet happy.

First time I start as newbie of blogger about 5 month ago after sign-in at blogspot, I felt crazy to share everything what catch me impressed. The people, fashion (most reason why I be a blogger), and everything has influenced with beauty & eye-catching.

The first entry is very ridiculous ever. With the title of Salam as per intro as usually blogger's do. But, about "Alhamdulillah. Eventually I would also create a blog. While it initially awkwards, but I want to try. Looks so fun. Besides I'm always like to trying something new." Very simple yet what!!??. LOL!!. Thats sounds like 'create a blog', what?!! The sentence a bit annoying. So sorry for advance ke guys. A newbie konon-kononnya!.

The spirit of blogging has become a bit a wild. To know what is it, will be next entry...

To be continued..



miss sue said...


Azeanthy Paiman said...

okey2..i'll waiting for the day too sis..hehe...

Ahmad Hisyam (Lighta Shadowee) said...

rebit tu buat apa? hahaha. happy blogging ;)

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Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

eh 22hb ke?Wahhhh ... pn yang bagi hadiah ape?hahahha