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Tuesday, February 15

Somewhere Or Exactly At Of The UNESCO Site

 What I Wore
Black thrifted maxi skirt on dress/skirt, Stripped oversized Setem Closets shirt on shirt/dresses, Black random t-shirt on t-shirt/tee, Blue with stripped random scarf on scarf, Black inner random scarf on scarf, Dark brown with detail random belt on belt & accessories, & Vintage accessories on beauty & accesories.

I have no words.

See, Evalute, Inspired (maybe), My Style.




Raya said...

cute blog:))

Karin said...

I am loving your blouse with the stripes absolutely stunning and your blog is uber gorgeous xxx

Fariza Othman said...

@raya: Thank you dear;)

@Karin: aww. I love it. thank you dear <3