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Tuesday, February 15

Street Dancing.

 I have no idea when I post it out this. I just feel " If i can be there too!!"

" I know you'll fallin' in love with me after my beautiful sheer skirt were dancing & flowing with arrogant & said 'catch me if you can!', FABULOUS"
"Please, please my dear. Stop staring at me. I know my cape so unpredictable when with me. She so uncontrol. I felt so sorry"
 "Awesome to be fabulous among others"
 "Oh, Cowgirl on town, You're never believe it cause I will rodea like crazy"
 "I never follow you if you're never be heart with me. Ahh, I cannot fixed it"
 "Beware with me. Sometimes I will style it like haunted more than Lady Morgana on Merlin, Ursula In The Sea on Little Mermaid or Voodoo witch in Pirates in Caribbean"


Pictures via Tommy Ton in

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