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Monday, April 4

Need To Fly From 'Annoying Mouse'

Here what I want to do right now. Is what I remember, only once during the life of me flying and I really longed to fly again. I want to be flying with free with abandon an 'annoying mouse' which disturb my mind.

Credit to all above picture which was taken by Alex MacLean. I wish I can be/see like a bird!!. Sometime to seeing in bird's eye view is much better rather than to seeing in 'one-eye-views'.

P/S: I'm not strong enough to know or read 'them' on my 'little tiny' blog. It's like annoying after all. Sorry in what I said. But they not should be said like that before they knowing by her/himself. So unsupported in blogosphere as people said before. It is the way we supported each other?. Please be nice with other even by using 'annoying mouse'. Some people not strong enough to take it as compliments or other than that. Sometimes we need to be brave to talk/curse other small people out there that there are is more than prefect. Why this kind of 'annoying mouse' like to hidden her/him ID? I don't understand. Tthey're actually more disappointed than people which they are think was dissaponted her/him!



Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

These are fantastic photos! Love all of them!!!


RON UND LEO said...

nice blog, follow each other? x

Fariza Othman said...

RON UND LEO: that is was great!!