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Monday, April 4


Some random fact which I reblog from my one of favorite tumblr blog. This is what happen & so true.
Kat fact.
I know I love a certain style of clothing that currently does nothing to flatter my body type. I know. But, that doesn’t stop me from looking at others who have the perfect body style and playing dress in my head. I know my chest doesn’t look good in certain sweaters and shirts. I know my hips don’t look good in trousers.
This is a battle every woman has. Whether or not they have an ideal body or not, there are styles that don’t suit. Don’t make it a battle. I don’t I see, I mentally bookmark, and I move onto my high waisted skirts and my sundresses. I love my body, it is every changing. Should I stay the same or slim down some areas I know I find clothing I love and that makes me feel good, no matter my (nor anyone else’s) ideals.
End rambling. 


Karin said...

Trousers are boring anyway! I never wear them plus you look so gorgeous in skirts and dresses xxx

Fariza Othman said...

I agreed on you Karin. I'm too short to wearing trousers & it's kinda boring ;(

Leigh said...

this is so true!!! thanks for posting this! :)

Fariza Othman said...

Leigh: Not big deal. Sharing is caring <33