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Monday, April 11

Twisted Tuesday With Milk Tooth

"LARDEE, STOP IT!" (Inhae lee, 2011)
First word was come out on my lips is "OMG, adorable milk tooth have another own tooth?". I can't believe that how creative the creation of these both milk tooth. The story is about two cute adventures baby milk tooth BFF, Ickle and Lardee who are bursting with personality. Behind of these two baby milk tooth is Inhae Lee who's  has responsible of two adorable tooth. Born at My Milk Toof in 2009 with dashing but innocent will squeaking heart for those who watch them. 

Curious about her detail-oriented creative process? Love how she transform & creat idea with hand-drawn sketches into an adorable game by these lovely BFF.

Sorry for the low quality of video. Please Watch it on HERE for the original in Book Promo behind the scene!!

Credit to all sources from My Milk Toof.


1 comment:

sartorial diary said...

awww, ickle and lardee have to be the most adorable pair of teeth i have ever seen!