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Monday, May 2

The Greatest Past Weekend: Meet Besties

Assalamualaikum & Happy Twisted Monday.

Yeay, today is Tuesday. Skipped day from moody Monday day. But, mesti yang rase hari ini hari Isnin right. Including me. First, I thought today is Monday & I start to buu-ing myself. Then I relize today is Tuesday. Today, I super exhausted sebab 3 hari bercuti past weekend dipenuhi dengan program duniawi semata. Subhanallah. Tapi saya saya masih lagi bersyukur sebab Allah SWT masih beri kesempatan kepada saya untuk berjumpa dengan my besties yang agak lama tak jumpa. Ahakss, berape lama 2, hahaa almost a year. Lama gak la 2. Remember my past post about "Missed My Bestfriends"?. Here I would like to story about.  We're decided to dating at Sunway piramid.

Perancangan untuk berjumpa dah lama buat, but asyik ade 'kekangan' yang menyebabkan kami tak boleh jumpa. When ade masa lapang kami terus booking. Walaupun that day I ter'overdose' ot-tak-rela hari sebelumnya & dapat lek kul 6 pagi & the dating is about 11 pagi the same date. Kene gak gagahkan for that dated juga. After kul 4 petang badan-dah-macam-jeli-lemau-tak-ingat.

Enjoy the snacks of piccas. Sometime I love to combined between art of photography into a palatte of pictures.

First activities we're decided to watch a 'random' movie cause we don't had a lot of choose. So, we choose "Red Hiding Hood". Yeay, beautiful sinematography. Of course, Amanda Seyfried so beautiful in that movie. Suka costume yang dipakai. Sangat tak menyesal tengok. Itu yang penting.

After watch a movie we're moved to 'direction board' to see what there have for our late lunch. And we saw "The Manhattan FISH MARKET". Yeayyy. super delicious.

******************************************* Waiting for our foods serves *******************************************

******************************************* Start to enjoying the foods *******************************************



Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

fuyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....cantik baju..tu je TQ (^__^)

Fariza Othman said...

welcome ^_________^

aaaahhh poyosssssssssss.hahaha