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Monday, June 27

Langkawi Time: Legend Park

Historical Place In One Park

Have you heard The Legend Park at Langkawi Island. Honestly, this is my first time heard that. Know that I just innocently don't ever know this place before. After browsing the catalog of langkawi Island. That was included on Langkawi directory the place must-to-go. Yeay, I made it. Sometime, I really happy to know something new although there was already been there for a thousand years.

Actually this Legend Park placed all of historical and legendary stories of Langkawi itself. There are placed in one park & portrayed them on statues & human-made statues to make the historical & legendary are alive.

Enjoy the bunch of piccas which was taken inside of The Legend Park Langkawi by myself which helped by self-timer. Hahaaa



+_Miss.Jannah_+ said...

mcm best je ni :D

nak pegi gak la..hehehe

CikHanis said...

ececcecececcecech.tanx toblerone.HAHA

LaiLa said...

Oh! amazing photos! :D I like them! I haven't heard about it :d maybe because I'm from spain hehehehe :D

Fariza Othman said...

@+_Miss.Jannah_+: pegi pegi jgn xpergi!! hahah

@CikHanis:No doubt!!

@LaiLa: I want to go to Spain!!!