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Monday, June 27

Langkawi Time: Oriental Village

Fail fail fail

Ok. this is the place you MUST-to-go went to get to holiday to Langkawi Island. The Oriental Village placed the cable car first stop which to connect to hanging bridge. The surrounding of this oriental village placed an animal sanctuary such as rabbit, deer, elephant, tiger & snakes besides of serving an oriental architecture of the surrounding village.

The history of fail-ed it cause I can not to ride cable car & automatically I can't take an opportunity to see Langkawi Island on top from hanging bridge cause their on services & had technical problem during my day to ride it. This is the big problem when you're running of time & you only had that time. That was happen to me. Thats only a time I have. Sigh, there were re-open after I got landing back KL. Totally frustrated!!.

But, my heart not to broken full vanished after I got chance to give a bit snack of foods & playing with deer & rabbit in that animal santuary.



CikHanis said...

ya allah akak!dah nak kawen kan!!HAHA

Fariza Othman said...

@CikHanis: eh belommmm