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Monday, June 13

Scary & Hollow Picture

I really love art. 

Since the primary school I had attention to drawn an ant colonial. Used my imagination to drawn the live of ants. Actually, not all of people can portray the visual in front of them into amazing piece of art. For me, art like a piece of amazing idea that we portray in whatever we like to showed in differently point of view which only we can explosed it out. The successful piece of art that can made people who looked it will get the impact & impressed so well without any types material or words influencing them.

One of art that I love is into photography & picturesque. From that, I involved in tumblr community. From that, a lot of picture that attract me so impressly.

From a lot of picture that I reblogged. I just wonder this three [3] of picture so impressed me. The pictures had a value of mystery & hollow. The effect of black & white pictures made it so successful which made people scare to watch & see even in short time.



Azeanthy Paiman said...

i do love this tone!

but the 1st pic scaring me.hehe..

Fariza Othman said...

@Azeanthy Paimansame with me. the 1st incredible scary!!