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Sunday, June 12

My Besties Got Married #2

Mawarni & Firdaus Tanggal 10.06.2011

Last Friday night, others one of my classmates got married which was held in The Palma Inn Hotel, Shah Alam. The experience at the whole night just incredible beautiful. The theme is excatly like modern classic with red rose dominated the whole ballroom. The walk experience through the ballroom is absolutely amazing wedding celebrations. The bride got their dream wedding. Its like the dream comes true!!.I'm fearkin' jealous!! The bride so beautiful with gorgeous white dress had ever seen. The groom just smart with white tuxedo with the little bit red tie touch.

Ok, lets the overload bunch of piccas tell about that night!!!

The bride & groom of the night.
The Cipta Karya Studio Crew!!
The gorgeous ladies that night. Form left to right; Jalilah, Lailatul, Nadira, Salehan, & Nadia.
The bride-to-be, Nadia take care of Kak Bieha's daughter with Anem.
Wan, Pejai & Jimmy.
Salehan, Anem, Wan, Pejal & Jimmy which addicted with camera!!. See see!!!
The sibling bride-to-be, Nadia & her little sister, Nadia capturing picture together with Kak Bieha's family [the grey one] at that night.
The talkative ladies at that night, Nadia, Salehan, Mimi & Shu.
The innocent ladies, Shu!!
They're got gossip together with Kak Lai [the attention] with Shu & Mimi.
Me, with lovely lecturer ever. Cik Raziah!!
Actually in front of us had a bunch of addicted-camera-man-and-girl. So i don't get it!!
Cik Raziah with the lovely girl, Naurah.
Other bunch of piccas with Cik Raziah. See, she's just adorable with her's students.
I don't know why I love this piccas even this blooper picture. Creadit to Naurah who's capturing this moment. Love the balacing between left & right ladies!!.
Some of flowers decoration at the ballroom.
The macho man group ready to capture together with bride & groom.
While the ladies waiting for their turn. Snap snap & snapping!!. Guest a look, where I'm??
The wedding cake!!
Nadia & Nadira capturing picture with the bride & groom!!
The busiest cameragirl at that night!!
Snap, snap!!
The bunch of piccas with the bride!! <3
Nadia & Nadira
The ladies
The bride got kisses!!The groom just jeolous!!
Anem & Salehan.
Ladies, ladiesss
Me & Salehan.
Me with the bride. Finally!!
The decorations
The pakwe-pakwe waiting their makwe-makwe!!Booo~!
Oh my!!
Take a break in a while!!
The dato's that day, Tuntung.
Deco deco!!
Pink roses!!
Nadia with Salehan's eye!!.
The souvenier!!

Congratulation Wa & Daus!!.



Azeanthy Paiman said...

wow..soooo happening.wishing for their happiness and peaceful forever..amin~~~

Fariza Othman said...

Amin. hopefully!!

Fariza Othman said...

@Azeanthy Paimanhopefully!!