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Thursday, June 9

Wonder My Dream Got Kidding Me So Well!!

Assalamualaikum & Salam Jumaat.

Yeah, last night I had a dream that I was late for attend a meeting. That dream I was really late. Really really. And I was a bit chaos cause that meeting was a bit important to be attend. Suddenly, I woke-up from sleep. God, I just god a bad dream. I do wonder why I would dream something as strange as that, yes. 

Is all about my meeting this morning. I'm the one whose the earliest about half-hour. And I was waiting other members in that meeting about one hours. I'm so lump it to wait them. In the meeting need us to made a submission for our own drawings for authority. Suddenly, after my turn, I can't submit after got the permission to do that. What the hack?!!. Previously, I was already wonder that my drawing can't be joined with them. But, they said it's no problem & they can swap it. I'm so dissapointed not about I can't submitted my drawings. I was a lot dissapointed that I just waste my time for waiting them!!

That's really,

I do wonder why I would dream something as strange as that, yes. Really yes!!

This is all about works. Lately, I often got a dream about work. After I woke-up, for sure I'll feel tired & way-worn in that morning. They have wisdon behind of it. We don't know until we're relize it was happen. Really happen!!.



CikHanis said...

eh.nape lak xley submit kak?

Mohd Khairi Khadzir said...

drawing xley join??pelik plak...then xley submit plak...cmne projrk nk jln?salah arkitek ke?

Fariza Othman said...

@CikHanisDO xle submit ngn DO, dorg pepandai kate bole.2 yg geram. kedai motor ni ha

Fariza Othman said...

@Mohd Khairi Khadzirtunggu dorg punya lama. dh la xpuntual.geram je