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Monday, July 18

Finding The Compatibility

That is will be happen for the next one year. Maybe, I hope that will not happen.

It is all about finding the compatibility between me with my blog. I’m still not feeling in love with my own blog. I don’t know why. The time of it make me decided to keep changing my blog template, my banner identity, the colour theme even the entry too. It is not portraying myself in realistic.

And the question is who am I?  I just an ordinary person who interested to write something spectacular that other people had something too on blog. Basically, become an inspiration or otherwise then that. But, I hate doing the same ‘something’ too with others without do more intensively.

First time I started my blog because I would like to show my own interest & inspiration towards beauty of fashion & style, the thing she’s love, the addiction, the people who make me inspired, & more than that. But, now on it just disappears from the truth line of objective. And now it becomes of my thoughtless toward random fact and the thought of something not mine interest. Not to portray myself instead.

Then, I know the interest of mine is only become my own interest without knowing it is will be others interest too. So, from that I start doing my best to my own blog with full of courage, intensively to write-up, & considering the real fact of inspiration to others and promise to keep blogging even for the spare time.

Finally, I know that is my addicted. My own passion beside of my full time job. Blogging is not boring at all. The hold of ‘to be yourself’ is more priceless rather than run to be a star.

p/s: Will change the template in a few  short time. Sorry ;(.  The existing is not maturing at all & other words I’m so bored!!


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