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Wednesday, July 13

Job Hunting!!

I really really want a new jobs!!

I want a new big salary with an amazing jobs. Not too amazing likes panjat bangunan. Just prefer on good work environment with a lot of colleagues, lunch partner, window gossip, etc etc. Sigh, the reality is I don't have one of each.


I decide to find a new job, but the problem is, I feel sayang nak tinggalkan kerusi empuk yang ada sekarang ni. Ermm. What should I do?. *Ooo, so greedy are you!!

I totally envy with those have a prefect job with prefect paid. Sorry to say. But everyone have a choice to choose a job they want & have a right to choose for the 'right' offer. 


When I was kid. I had a dream for my work clothes with to wore a shirt covered with coat suit. The reality is I can't & really not suit to wore like that today. It's just like rusa masuk kampung. [hahaha]. Not suit at all. Arghh, magrain la cmni. 


I believe in one. Everyone had rezeki kerja masing-masing. Cuma kita tak tahu rezeki kita kat mana. InsyaAllah. Ade rezeki ada la, yang penting BERUSAHA!!

Till Then,



CikHanis said...

chaiyok kak!hehe

Fariza Othman said...

@Hanis!!! uuu tetiba rindu kat kamu ;p

NorHalizah said...

try apply new job..risk sometimes is awesome eventhough u sayang ur job now.