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Thursday, July 21

Thing She loves: A Cup of Tea.

Tarik Tea, Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Tea, Tea O', Tea garden& etc etc.
Credit to google.
What yours most favour?

Tarik Tea is become my favour while have a dinner date with someone at mamak stall. The main menu drink if got every change of it. I don't know. There were automatically will order that. Such as habits while sit at mamak stall. Maybe the 'kaw' of tarik itself.

Ice Lemon Tea is become my favour while have a slice of cheese cake with friends. It is so joyful & relaxing moments. To have a Ice lemon tea just like a good lady. Haha. only just my thought!!

Tea O' is become my favour while breakfest. Next to...

Ice Tea is become my favour while watching a TV & working time. Also my habit to keep store my breakfest tea at refrigerator. So that I can drink after back from work. It is also the habit to all my family too!!LOL

Tea Garden is become my dream garden ever. Wish to have like that!!

Credit to google.



Azeanthy Paiman said...

me to fariza. i loved Ice tea very much that i couldn't stop myself from buying it everytime i come to market.huh.

Fariza Othman said...

@Yan: OOOO~! Ice tea potray malaysia culture!!

CikHaniBhulat said...

hani suka teh o n ice lemon tea..yummy =)