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Thursday, August 18



Lama tak bercinta dengan blog since kerja menghambat diri tatkala diri berada di awang-awangan. So, ape pun tak boleh buat. Daripada 1st Ramadhan until la ni 18 Ramadhan tak sampai pun 10 entry. Sigh!! otak a bit narrow down sikit puasa ni. hahaa.

So, motif untuk update blog ni had influence from National Geography daily issue updated. To get the update is by following them on tumblr. They will updated daily. Simple emphasize. And that was impresses me so well. I'm one of a million fan of National Geography channel. Love they way they captured the subject dan the living thing so inspired me.

Back the daily update is about Moviegoers in Baghdah.

" Moviegoers at Baghdad’s first 4-D cinema get an extra thrill from shaking seats and wind machines during a 3-D sci-fi film. During the worst years of violence, families stayed home to watch TV or DVDs. Most cinemas closed, as did this one, though it has plans to expand and reopen".
~National Geography 2011

Photography by Lynsey Addario, National Geographic.

Does it amazing?. Dekat Malaysia ade ke kerusi yang bergetar ek? Tetiba terpikir benda ni. 


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Azeanthy Paiman said...

waa..klu d malaysia pun ada bnda ni,huh,mmg maju la malysia sis.huhu..