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Monday, July 25

Missed My Bestfriend [Series 2]

Part of my life belong to my friends. In what I do. In my little love. My tears. My worries. My question marks. My thought of something. Or even on my ways to happines or otherwise. But, for the all belong too, I would like to be the best-best friend of friendship even though we had a 100 miles friendship. This is now. But a past month ago. they're a 'bit' close on here like here.

I was bit emo while to story about friendship. Definitly make me heartbreaked. I really want my friend to be my friends forever without compromise. Ever!. 

But, I relize to be the best friend forever is more difficult without make a great great compliment between two or three parties. 

A few day ago, I just got a dream. In that dream, I & my friend had a big laugh togerther-gether & we're play & dating a long day without any worries. That day is so meaningful. Suddendly, I woke-up & Subhanallah, I missed my friends so much. 

Now, they're become too far away. Not because of we're got break-up or whatever. But, we can't go hangout together anymore in freely planning. A year, we're only get a chance two or one times. Depend the reason of it. The most of it cause of wedding invitation. So from that we can have chit chat. Or not, we're silence in called.

Another reason make me so missed them because of this entry by Aimie Habban the owner of 'theKnot' it is  call, 'On that little thing about friendship'. This is entry was posted year ago. But, I just got relized when she came with the new post entry, 'And this is why I blog'. The meaningful of her's story & thought are so thankfully. Her's thought about friendship is definitly divine & it is supposed to be in friendship world. As I said, no compromise. Be honest & self-belong-together.

Thank you Aimie for the post. So meaningful~!

So here, they're is my last friend forever. I can't tell why. The hierarchy of my life it is like potrary it like that. But, I love it. As Aimie said, 'So many types of friendships, so many people who come into our lives for different reasons, for seasons, and some even for a lifetime. And they make a mark on us. They make a mark on our heart'.

I'm used to be a good-good innocent a little girl would be a listener without against the words. Be the greater adviser in what any problem. Be closed with inside of outside of her heart. Be the fireman which make her calm & no worries burn. Share the laughs, tears, hate, love & etc etc. Yess, just call me. I will be there without care other things. As long as it pleases me.




Azeanthy Paiman said...

People come and go..
but true friend will never leave us alone..=)

Fariza Othman said...

@Azeanthy: Yess. It pleasant me so much~! <3

Amy Syaquena said...

setuju dengan azeanthy...