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Thursday, February 24

Friday Fabulous

Sheer Skirt
(Source: Chictopia & BeauxMondes)
She's wearing; white tuxedo Zara blazer, white vintage christian dior blouse, nude chiffon American Apparel skirt, black platform Zara heels, and black travel Smythson wallet.

 (Source: Chictopia & Fashionvibe)
 (Source: Chictopia & colormenana)

Tuesday, February 22

Life in Time

This is what we almost do it in life,
I just realize sometimes I just watched it without make nothing,
That is just waste the time,
BUT some people say, they're watch but then they will critics from they observations.
It's is funny cause they're still waste the time. 
Sooner or now.

She Got Her Style.

Black Holes and Revelations: Sandra (The Hearabouts)

(Sources: Lookbook)
What she was wearing:
Oasis galaxy print maxi dress from Oasis in Dresses, Black boot from Next, Hoodie from Fishbone, Jackets from Pimkie, gloves from Zara, & Bag in thrifted.

I was cought my eyes towards the this wonderful printed dress have ever I see. I really really so impressed with that so crazy & start to ask myself "why don't you brought this dress & you know what that is fierce awesome beautiful dress!!". So I looked the place she just brought but unfortunately those dresses was unavailabe yet. But I'll found it cause that was gonna be my wishlist for 2011. Yes. of course la, buat baju raya. hahah. I'm the person who addicted with skirt. Arrghh. so ridiculous. You know what "you just waste you money ok!!!. opppsss. ok. (I'm asking myself)

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Monday, February 21

..the BUNNY inspiration
                                                     present HANA TAJIMA


Covet The Figure

Small +Beauty

Tuesday, February 15

Somewhere Or Exactly At Of The UNESCO Site

 What I Wore
Black thrifted maxi skirt on dress/skirt, Stripped oversized Setem Closets shirt on shirt/dresses, Black random t-shirt on t-shirt/tee, Blue with stripped random scarf on scarf, Black inner random scarf on scarf, Dark brown with detail random belt on belt & accessories, & Vintage accessories on beauty & accesories.

I have no words.

See, Evalute, Inspired (maybe), My Style.



Street Dancing.

 I have no idea when I post it out this. I just feel " If i can be there too!!"

" I know you'll fallin' in love with me after my beautiful sheer skirt were dancing & flowing with arrogant & said 'catch me if you can!', FABULOUS"
"Please, please my dear. Stop staring at me. I know my cape so unpredictable when with me. She so uncontrol. I felt so sorry"
 "Awesome to be fabulous among others"
 "Oh, Cowgirl on town, You're never believe it cause I will rodea like crazy"
 "I never follow you if you're never be heart with me. Ahh, I cannot fixed it"
 "Beware with me. Sometimes I will style it like haunted more than Lady Morgana on Merlin, Ursula In The Sea on Little Mermaid or Voodoo witch in Pirates in Caribbean"


Pictures via Tommy Ton in

Sunday, February 13

All We Need

I know & you know what we want in our life.
Allah always know what IS right for her/him life.
as long as the umatnya did not violate His instructions & follow His directions.
InsyaAllah, Allah will bless you.

p/s/s: Salam Maulidul Rasul tanggal 1432H.