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Wednesday, March 30


For this month. I a lot to reblog ready-to-wear collection, runways, Frida Gustavsson, fashion streetstyle, color blocking, detailling, acsessories, decorations, dress & skirt addictive, boots, shoes, wedges & clogs, & animal such as panda & cheetah which under conservations & preservations & other inspirational which inspired me a lots.

I presented to you my crazy-ness into reblog on my tumblr world.

For more detail on each picture, click on each picture in my tumblr.


Sunday, March 20

I Wish I Woud Be A Leader.

This is what i love tumblr.

I was founded this inspiring motivation from tumblr. This is what I kinda love tumblr. There is place not only for fesyen, style & whatsoever. But, this is very good for our idea for develop our future human mankind to be more sustain. The video is the best simplicity of understanding for our global issues. This is very worth it to watch. Simple emphasizes & easy to understand.


Back To Blonde

Veronica Ferraro
Whose is behind of "The Fashion Fruit"
What was she's weaing are skirt by American Apparel, jacket by Style by Marina, pull by Stradivarius, boots by Stradivarius, bag by Shampalove & double ring by Kimstore.

She, Veronica Ferraro,  is about 22 year old. She's fashion eater, life lover and blogger from Milan, Italy. She has a sweet face & amazing style. I kinda adore her peace of style. Even she is about young but I feel like she has a high of sense of style. (Indeed stylish!!). I start following her updated through her blog. As you can she her on HERE <3. I'm, who addicted with skirt after seeing this picture, I not thinking to long for make it as my inspiration. But at the first, I already send her permission to take her picture from her blog. This is what we should do for other blogger to showed the appreciation to other bloggers.

Back to her outfits. I love everything in this outfits. From top to toe. Especially those skirt. (As always!!). The pop of color is my favorite. The mixed of color palette so successful. Indeed gorgous sweet lady.

This is what I love about personal style in streetstyle. How about you??

Have a glorious day!!


Wednesday, March 16

Spread It

For Our Nations
Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on March 11. The magnitude-9.0 quake spawned a deadly tsunami that slammed into the nation's east coast, leaving a huge swath of devastation in its wake. Thousands of people are dead and many more are still missing or injured. That was has touched my hearts & feeling. It can not be expressed with words, without us through the experience itself. I was very impressed with the sadness that is displayed in local newspapers and the internet shows just how terrible disaster that befell them. Hope & pray we give to them to face life after going through this terrible disaster.

Sources: Yahoo News & Tumblr.


Tuesday, March 15

post revolution look

Inspiration 80's
By FrouFrouu
She wearing hat from H&M, coat from vintage, hood from Verdel, boots from vintage & trousers from vintage.

She wearing cord dungarees from vintage, Beacon's Closet, sweater from vintage, coat from vintage & hat from vintage.

 She wearing jacket from Alpinestars by Denise Focil, nightdress worn as skirt from vintage, sweater from vintage, hat from vintage & boots from vintage.

The three (3) of above picture are she's recently updated style look as you can directly keep following her at amazing blog FrouFrouu. She was caught my eyes to looked her style at lookbook at the first. You can see all her style at her site at lookbook HERE!! 

'Post Revolutionary Looks'
First of all i was determined her style into post revolutionary look. That was make me so adore her. Maybe she was love to play with vintage hat. Furthermore, I do love the detail , color combination, texture, layering & everything on her every garments.The choice of each garments so succeed until make her so flowless look regarding that time.


Monday, March 14

I Can't Remember

Ian Barlow
'Remember The First Time'

As per title was remind me on the some of my most important memory BUT I felt like I was lost it. And I don't what was it until now on. I scare if there will be a sweet ever memory but I will don't mind if there is tragic momery and I don't know. What I know is I don't want to remember any more. For me, past is past!!. LIKE THIS!!!

(Sources: Tumblr)


Tuesday, March 8

Street Palette

All the picture above a took from my favorites website; by the photographer Tommy Ton. This is what i never missed every shoot he was made during the craziness moments on fashion weeks. The picture he was took just amazing. My favorites picture is forth picture from top which had 2 beautiful leg with black tight & heel. I'm so impressed with the pink one. Beautiful texture of printed. 

From the all above situation. I wish i can go joining there too. They're so fabulous with their one style. I wish i can dress-up like them. uuuu~!


Wednesday, March 2


This is what I tumblr-ing a long February. That was showed a lot of picture that I impressed & inspired through tumblr-ing world. Many of them is insipring me such as vintage style, fashion shows, dresses, color played,  exotic-amazing-incredible picture/photography, model love & of course a bit of my picture too.

Have a nice day, People.


Tuesday, March 1

She Got Her Style.

Lydia Deetz & Palm Treez: Jean Greige

 (Sources: Chictopia & Jean Greige) 
What she wearing; black leather motocycle catherine malandrino jacket, black crochet vintage top & blck Forever 21 skirt.    
Recently i was fallin' in love with her style. The casual style for everyday was really fashionable to wear for fall in 2011. Her's look in what she have on chictopia was caught my eyes big opened. I'm so impressed with her style. What it is called "I was fallin' in love with her. Oh my goddness!!".This goth-y look look her so rock-on besides of her white hair make her look too fierce awesome. The layering covered between black leather jacket & crochet vintage top is so extraordinary amazing rock-on.
 (Sources: Chictopia & Jean Greige)
 By the way, one more thing about her style, she is queen of accessories. The silver of bracelets, rings & vintage necklace so adorable. 

What do you think about her style. So well impressed or inspired? So do I!!

Happy wonderful Wednesday.