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Thursday, June 30

Gegar Blog Julai 2011

First Time Join Segmen Gegar Blog Abg Ben Ashaari

Honestly la, ini kali pertama saya join segmen gegar-mengegar blog oleh Abg Ben. Tak tahu ke mana bulan lepas pegi. Yang tahu-tahu dah kuar list. hahaa.  

Berikutan daripada ini la ye saya just nak bagitau yang blog saya ini actually dalam penulisan 'english education'. Bukan riak ke apa. Saya pun bukan terror benor mengayat in english. I had a reason to do that. [hahaaa]. Memang tak berapa nak pandai sangat. Dulu masa sekolah pun, subjek Bahasa Inggeris paling tidak digemari. Tapi zaman dah berubah dunia dah maju, so kena buat improvement untuk diri sendiri. [senyum!!]

But, saya akan beralih ke Bahasa Ibunda setiap kali turut-serta dalam segmen-segmen Abg Ben dan etc etc. So, in English just on my thoughts sahaja. PEACE!!


Qoute: You're NOT Nothing

Assalamualikum & Salam Jumaat.

Have you in sad being lonely?
Not important to someone who's love? 
 Do not have a friends??.

Remove far that presumption you're in lonely!. Do you relize why you were born like this and that? [just like lady gaga plak!!!hehee].

Theirs have a reason & you were born because you are going to be important to someone. YOU will be the important person to yours lovely papa & mama & entire family, going be important person to yours someone who's love you, going be important person to yours best-ever-friends & mates etc etc.

You are born not being ALONE!!!!

credit picca from tumblr


Jom Reka Dialog

Segmen, segmen & bersegmen.

Aktiviti menjana minda dengan penuh kreativiti untuk petang Khamis just memeriahkan segmen Abg Ben. Kira mencabar gak cause kena buat dialog gaduh-gaduh manja suami isteri walhal belum bersuami isteri ahaksss. Ni lakon semata-mata la ok.

Sedia, mula..

Isteri: tak aci!! Arrghhhh

Suami: nape plak?!!

Isteri: tipuuu!!

Suami: ok2 pasni saya bagi awak menang game ni.

Isteri: yesssss!!!

p/s: Seperti biasa si isteri menjadi pemenangnya!! hikhikhikk

hahaa, senang je rupenya. hahaha. Nak join please pleasa la ke sini or click banner below.


Tuesday, June 28

Blog As Mind Theraphy

BUT have another thing you need to concern about...

Assalamualaikum to my dearest readers.

Agree or not really agree that blog are the placed as terapi minda [mind teraphy]?. 

Yeayyrrr. Thats correct what!. 

Blog is the placed when you're in happy, you'll jot down anything & everything you like whether your readers like it or not to read. It's the normal act you want to share in what you like with your reader in blog. Isn't it?!. Besides of that, blog is the place you're in anger, you blow up in the form of words & images etc etc etc. Rights?!. 

So, that is blog works. Difference type of blog difference ways to play but in same messages. You're want people to know your intentions, prediction, favorites, hate, love etc etc etc.

But, you need to concern about another thing before you need to tell the world you're in that curtain particular issue.

1. Be yourself - the once you're cheating to other blogger in particular issues, you'll in trouble. Yeayy, people don't know who are you [hidden id] but reader with X you as a cheater in what you perform about it. Went them hates you, the unexpected jobs they'll do by hacking each other!! The blog worlds is a bit cruel but most of it, ENJOYABLE!!

credit to

2. Sourcing, crediting & linking - We're crazy on beautiful images, uniques pictures, etc etc, upload & uploaded without nowhere it come from. To appreciate other people works, linking the pictures & images. Yeayy after linking please do short messages to the owner itself. Isn't simply?!. If google sourcing that not really problem kan. Most of us likes to put 'sumber en google, Mr. google' etc etc etc. Just take it as simple but appreciate other people works is the best. Piece!!
credit to

3. Supporting & following -  the best theraphy which has been followed. Being honest, not to persuade other blogger to follow your blog instantly. Keep them in normal ways. Freely following & supporting each other. The character of blogger is they were really like if had inceasing number of follower from the follow box. But need to concern about do not to persuade other blogger to follow you back instantly. Thats such annoying spam messages.

Here’s a ♥ to all my followers.


Langkawi Time: Petronas Quay

The Luxurious Living in Quay.

This is my last pit-stop after visiting & enjoying Oriental Village & surrounding of it. Just proud with Malaysian brand ok.

First time I coming inside this quay, my eyes was caught of the bunch of luxurious boats with full guardians. The row of boats in small quay with the panaromics was remaind me to my favorites tv show "Fairy Legal" which Kate Reed (by Sarah Shahi) living at small luxurius boat.

Ohh, I wish life gonna be simple llike that. Isn't it?.


Monday, June 27

Langkawi Time: Oriental Village

Fail fail fail

Ok. this is the place you MUST-to-go went to get to holiday to Langkawi Island. The Oriental Village placed the cable car first stop which to connect to hanging bridge. The surrounding of this oriental village placed an animal sanctuary such as rabbit, deer, elephant, tiger & snakes besides of serving an oriental architecture of the surrounding village.

The history of fail-ed it cause I can not to ride cable car & automatically I can't take an opportunity to see Langkawi Island on top from hanging bridge cause their on services & had technical problem during my day to ride it. This is the big problem when you're running of time & you only had that time. That was happen to me. Thats only a time I have. Sigh, there were re-open after I got landing back KL. Totally frustrated!!.

But, my heart not to broken full vanished after I got chance to give a bit snack of foods & playing with deer & rabbit in that animal santuary.


Langkawi Time: Legend Park

Historical Place In One Park

Have you heard The Legend Park at Langkawi Island. Honestly, this is my first time heard that. Know that I just innocently don't ever know this place before. After browsing the catalog of langkawi Island. That was included on Langkawi directory the place must-to-go. Yeay, I made it. Sometime, I really happy to know something new although there was already been there for a thousand years.

Actually this Legend Park placed all of historical and legendary stories of Langkawi itself. There are placed in one park & portrayed them on statues & human-made statues to make the historical & legendary are alive.

Enjoy the bunch of piccas which was taken inside of The Legend Park Langkawi by myself which helped by self-timer. Hahaaa


Sunday, June 26

Langkawi Time: Dataran Lang

The Eagle Square

The must-to-go-place in Langkawi Island. The remarkable place with amazing work of eagle statue. Just anjoy the bunch of piccas.

The eagle square during the night!!.


Langkawi Time: Tanjung Rhu

Heaven On Earth

Just wanna sleep there, shower there, living there cause there are just like heaven on earth. Seariously, that was an amazing beach had ever I had been. The white sand, heavenly sound of wave, the blue greenish sea, an amazing rhu, a sparkling seashell, a wonderful naturely mountain/cave & etc etc etc.